Day Twenty Seven: Gu Mi Ho's Drink!!!!

Who watched the Korean drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (Nine-tailed fox)?? Do you remember the drink that Gu Mi Ho (that was the name Lee Seung Gi’s character gave Shin Min Ah’s character) was obsessed with??? The one she always tried to get???

Well today I drove to the Korean Market (its a supermarket) in south London today and saw this can of drink and thought it looked familiar and then it hit me!!! It was the drink of  My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!!! So I bought it just for that reason!!!

First I saw just Korean writing so at this point I don’t know what kind of drink it is, I’m just getting because it was in a drama I liked! Then I turn the can and guess what is there!!! ENGLISH writing WOOOOOO

BUT….. it says Chilsun Cider and I’m like what….. as in my dictionary Cider is an alcoholic beverage typically made from apples. So I thinking this can’ t be alcoholic!!! Its so easy to get hold of, kids can buy it!!!!

When I got home, first thing I did was Google (yes, as my 外公 would say ‘just ask Google’) it and there were various links but the one I went to was the one on (and as much as my teachers and lecturers hated the site I love it!) and it told me that Cider in Korean was a “sweetened carbonated drink similar to Seven Up or Sprite”. But in my eyes a sweetened carbonated drink could be any flavour…. but I’m guessing its that the actual drink I bought is a lemon-lime flavour.


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