Day Twenty Nine: Lycee Freshness

Got my new eye drops through the post today!!!! I recently bought Rohto’s Lycee Eyedrops For Contacts, why? Pretty much due to the cute packaging (I know it was girlie of me), and that I read it was pretty good. I bought the eyedrops for contacts as I only intend to use them while wearing my contacts as I don’t usually use eyedrops if I’m not wearing them…. don’t ask why I just don’t.

I got these for about £6 online, you can just google Rohto Lycee Eyedrops for Contacts, if you’re interested and just fish around for a decent price. If you’re in London, I know theres a store in China Town that sells it for £8.99 (I think its a decent price, of course it’ll be cheaper if you can get it directly from Asia.

I’ve not used it yet, so i can’t really give a comment on how they feel once used…. I’ll update when I do use it.

[NOTE] I know in America they sell Rohto Eyedrops (not sure about the UK, I’ve not seen it in drugstores) but those are different to the Japanese Rohto Eyedrops as I think they American ones have methol and boric acid in them, which can sting a little or cause some sort of sensation to the eyes.


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