Effortlessly Beautiful

Ok this isn’t a boast post or what not!! Because I’m not a beauty, I’m just pretty average looking.

But this you could say is my first little make up tutorial post. I’ve entitled this post Effortlessly Beautiful, why? Because today after I put on makeup, I thought to myself that I could look pretty, without it ‘looking’ like I tried very hard and that I painted my face!!

Its the type of look that makes people think ‘wow she has pretty good skin!!’ I will be honest, my skin is normally pretty good. I make it an absolute to have good skin, its the key foundation for anything!! Would you wear makeup if you have nice clear skin?? Of course not, but not all of us are blessed with it. I may say I have good skin but its dull, my skin tone is dull. I scar easily, my skin is pretty sensitive to weather changes, to a day of no water and to cosmetics. What I mean by this is that I break out easily, so I always have to try products out and be more weary of what I use.

(Clockwise starting from Upper Left) Products I used: MAC‘s Mineralize Skinfinish in Perfect Topping (limited), MAC‘s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus, MAC blush in Spaced Out (limited), Lancome’s Teint Miracle Foundation in shade 4, Dior’s Rouge Dior Lipstick in 296 Beige Quadrillie, MAC‘s Mega Metal Eyeshadow inPaparazz-she, Urban Decay’s Naked Palette, Dolly Wink’s Liquid Eye Liner and Urban Decay’s 24/7 glide-on Eye Pencil..

Step 1: Make sure you properly cleanse and moisturize your skin, let it set.

Step 2: Prime your eyes, I always do the eyes first, it takes longer and if you mess up you can fix it without messing up anything else. (I used Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, not in picture). If you have bad dark under eye circles use a concealer to cover it, in my case I didn’t bother as I don’t think my under eye circles are that bad…. well I couldn’t be bother (I forgot) to be honest.

Step 3: Use Smog from the UD palette all over the eye lid (I don’t like bringing the eye shadow to far up).

Step 4: Now use Paparazz-she on the center third of the crease, dragging it towards the inner corner of your eye.

Step 5: Use Sin on a blending brush to soften where Smog left off, now use Sin on the inner corners of your eye. Now use Virgin on the brow bone to highlight.

Step 6: Use the Dolly wink eye liner to line your upper lid with a long gentle curved flick at the end, don’t line it too thick as you don’t want a dramatic look.

Step 7: Using the Urban Decay liner, line the outer 3/4 of  the lower water line, by not going all the way in it gives off a more soft and natural look. Now use back the Dolly Wink liner on the outer corner to connect to the upper line and the pencil liner to go over it to soften the line (if that makes sense LOL)

Step 8: On a pointed eye contour brush or an angled brush or pretty any brush you are comfortable with, and use Paparazz-she below where you lined your water line, dragging it towards the flick.

Step 9: I finished off with some false lashes, not the whole eye ones, just short ones for the end. Curl and put on your favourite Mascara, I used a mascara that isn’t thickening (Lancome’s Hypnôse Precious Cell).

Step 10: Prime your skin with a decent primer (I used the Gosh Velvet Touch Primer, not in picture).

Step 11: Using your fingers blend in the foundation, lately I have been preferring to use my figures to  put on the foundation as I can keep better control of how much foundation I put on and how it looks. Sometimes with a brush you can end up over doing it.

Step 12: Normally I would use MAC’s Prep+Prime translucent power to set my Lancome foundation, but today my skin isn’t too good (had break out a few days ago due to a product I tried), so I used the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural to set the foundation. For such a good foundation you don’t want to use a coloured powder to set it as you don’t want to change the colour of the foundation so much.

Step 13: Finish off with some blush and gently highlight the important areas. Oh I also added a bit of lipstick, I used a soft beige/nude colour with a hint of pink.


The picture came out a little yellow LOL

The finished face. As you can tell from my steps, I didn’t even use concealer at all!! Not even to cover my old blemish scars (I scar easily but recovery takes a LONGGGG time). We don’t all have perfect skin so its ok to have it on show slightly especially since I wanted a natural look.

Oh contacts in question are Geo’s Ash Wing, I don’t wear circle lenses to make my eye bigger to be honest, they don’t make much of a difference, I have quite big pupils. Oh yea my false lashes may look a little weird because, they were actually quite short for what I wanted to I stuck another pair on (so each eye had two pairs of false lashes you’ll get what I mean when you see the lashes I used below)

LOL I should really clean up my eye brows! Quite a bit of the fine hairs at the end!

These are the lashes I used!!! Their not bad, a bit short so I had to stick another pair on.


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