Day Eighty Eight: Pond’s Double White

A couple of months ago my sisters friend had gone back to Japan for a few months and she had asked my sister if she wanted anything and my sister had nothing to get, so….. I used that opportunity to ask if she wouldn’t mind bringing me back something ^________^

A few months later she came back…. I felt a little bad as she still managed to get what I wanted  even after the natural disaster that happened in Japan (but apparently she had got the stuff long before it happened).

Asked for Pond’s Double White the night and day sets Toner and Moist. Reason why I wanted it is because I heard it actually worked with whiting, but more important (the factor in which I wanted it for) was that it was effective in lightening acne/blemish scars. I don’t have acne prone skin but I do have breakouts every now and then and I scar very easily too.


One thought on “Day Eighty Eight: Pond’s Double White

  1. hola te comento algo interesante bueno para empezar el produocto ** pon`ds double white * son de tres productos que consta de colonia, base, y crema … bueno en sentido figurado de y tu tienes la base de todas maneras solo es un comentario para que te dieras cuenta y la verdad me gusta leer tu blogs ok chau

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