Girl You Make Me Laugh!!

At work we have a new (well fairly new now) part-time admin and I get along with pretty well!! Surprised by that actually, dunno why just am! She’s got quite a cool laid back personality and I suppose it helps that we have a few things in common (kpop & SKIN CARE!). I guess the reason why I get along with her more than some of my other co-workers is that we’re somewhat on the say level, some of my co-workers are a lot older or have started that next chapter of their life and its just a little different (I’m not saying I don’t get along with them, I do I like them, they’re just not always on my wave length).

Anyways this is my post dedication to BL, yes this is your mention on my blog wooooo



This has nothing to do with anything but I happened to come across this picture and I can imagine my workmate being that monk!!


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