Its Been 25Years Now….

It was my 25th birthday yesterday!!!! WOOOOO *scream* >______< OLD!!! OH SO OLD!!!!

Its just a number right??? *runs around crying and screaming ‘I’m an old hag now!!’ I’m a girl so yes, we do fear growing old, or more like we all do fear growing up. I’m quite the responsible person anymore, my head has been screwed on for a good number of years now but its the reality that you are now 25yrs old, that you cannot get away with being young, and I don’t mean the age. Even at 24yrs you could have gotten away with young adult, ‘its fine you’re still young’ but now at 25yrs it just doesn’ t seem to apply.

You are now firmly in the world as an ADULT so get with it!! Thats just my take on being 25yrs old!

So how did I celebrate??? Didn’t do much to be honest!!! Had an extended lunch with 3/4 friends, a few drinks in the evening and thats pretty much it. I really could not be bothered with the whole shebang anymore, just a nice get together with some drinks and chatting.

The big question is what presents did I get, I specifically ask for no presents, no box presents. So what was brought along, two bottles of wine a birthday cake and of course someone bought me a present… but I quite liked it!! It was three Haruki Murakami books, he is one of my favourite authors!!! Friend did say he only got it before Waterstones were doing 3 for 2 on his books!!! ^___^

Its a Red Velvet Cake from Humming Bird.

The lovely books!! Originally my friend had gotten me ‘Norwegian Wood  instead of Dance Dance Dance…… I had to give him a dirty look, as Norwegian Wood one of Murakami’s Bestsellers (it was a book Murakami wrote to be more mainstream (I reckon), even so it was still a very very good book and even without the alternate dimension it didn’t lack any of Murakami’s usual flare) …. How can I NOT have that book!!! ^___^ So on the day we went to exchange it (luckily he had the receipt on him!!)


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