GlossyBox: February

Its now my third GlossyBox and my final one as well (remember in my first GlossyBox post I wrote about signing up for a three month subscription), after this box I will tally it up compare and decide weather or not I will sign up for a proper subscription.

So here it is:

The box is a nice pale pink colour…. reminds me of the colour of the September box.

My information card.

The contents!

Products I got this month:

  • DUWOP – Venom Gloss: Combining subtle tinted lip gloss with DuWop’s Lip Venom to create Venom Gloss
  • DR BRONNER – Lavender Hand Sanitiser: A lavender scented hand sanitiser in a handy spray size perfect to keep in your handbag.
  • PAUL MITCHELLSuper Skinny Relaxing Balm: Intense hydrating treatment for your hair
  • BM BEAUTY – Pure Mineral Eyeshadow: Award winning pure mineral eyeshadow. Cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • COMO SHAMBHALA – Invigorate Shower Gel: A revitalising blend of essential oils that puts you in a perfectly uplifted mood.
Ok so remember what I said in my last month’s GlossyBox?? How I wasn’t’ that impressed with that month’s box… well this months one I was still a little disappointed. Out of the five products I’ll probably only use two of them (the Paul Mitchell Relaxing Balm and the Dr.Bronner hand sanitiser), if the mineral eyeshadow was a different colour then yes I would have loved it.
I’ve tried the Como shower gel before and I didn’t really like it, it smells like medicine as well….
So after my third GlossyBox will I be subscribing?? I’m still not sure yet as I’ve started a Boudoir Prive (who has joined with French beauty box JolieBox and is now known by that name)  subscription so I’ll be using that to compare…. For all I know I may not even get an on-going subscription in the end.

Gmarket Haul: Etude House

So recently I decided to do a Gmarket haul, only because its the cheapest place for me to gorge on Etude House products!

Here is the box, its a little (ok quite) battered!

As you can see my package did get stopped at customs…. ARRGGGG I’m not so fussed about the VAT charge its the bloody parcel force charge thats a BITCH!! They charge that MUCH just because they pay for you first!!

Upon opening it….. All my goodies!!!!

It looks a lot but I can assure you once I start unpacking them… its not so much… not a lot at all…

My Etude House haul:

See how there really isn’t much at all!!!!

It was like my freebies were just as much!!! How can you tell something was a freebie on Gmarket if you can’t read Korean? Well if everything matches up with your order and you have extra stuff!!! LOL On Gmarket sometimes there is an option to choose your freebie… but of course I can’t read Korean so I’m just guessing. With Etude House a lot of the times they give you freebies but some of their products also advertises with a Gift.

My freebies:

Quite a bit right???? That mini travel set Etude House gave me was the set I debated getting instead of the one I actually so WOOOHOOO for that!!


GlossyBox: The Valentine’s Box

A few days before I got my January (second) GlossyBox, I had a sudden thought about what colour the box would be as this is THE box, the box everyone is looking forward to… the Valentine’s Box. So of course it would be a pink box but what kind of pink?? My first thought…. HOT PINK? Why? No reason just thought soft and baby pinks were just too BLEH.

So when I finally got the box… TADA it was HOT PINK

Box after the outer package, open the lid and I get:

How pretty!! As with my first box from them, there was an info card with information on the products I got in the box.

Isn’t that just so pretty and romantic???

The products inside the box!!

So what exactly did I get:

  • Eyeko – Skinny Eyeline: Get a handle on your eyeliner for precise definition and intense colour with a long-lasting finish.
  • Orly – Nail Lacquer: Orly, the top Californian brand. offers an infinite range of colours.
  • WeledaOne step Cleanser & Toner: Weleda One-Step Cleanser and Toner is handy two-in-one pack ideal for travel.
  • FAB – Gentle Body Wash: A moisturizing, irritant-free everyday cleanser ideal for even the most sensitive skin.
  • MURAD: Hybrids skin Perfecting Primer: Oil-free primer ignites a radiant glow, powered by light-enhancing minerals. 

So first impressions of this well looked forward to Valentine’s box…. I was a little disappointed to be honest. I expected more as in more beauty products, not a cleanser or a body wash… 😦
Well hopefully after using the products after a few times my mind will change.

Glossybox: A Little Box of Goodies

In recent months I’ve heard and read a lot a out various sites/companies doing the monthly ‘Beauty Box’ subscriptions. Let me explain what these Beauty Boxes are: you pay a monthly subscription fee and what you get in return is a box containing five or six cosmetic and skin care samples.  When I say sample, they like to use the term ‘deluxe sample size’, its basically just a little bigger than your normal sample size, I think with certain beauty boxes you do get one or two full sized products, which is pretty good.

So finally I had decided to subscribe a beauty box, but the question was which one do I subscribe to????? There are so many out there!!! Glossybox, Boudoir Prive (Jolie Box),, Carmine, Latest in Beauty Amarya and many many others!! How are you really suppose to decide which box to subscribe to!!! So I decided to ask the best thing out there, and that was to ASK Google!!! Google led me to various sites, various blogs and various youtube videos about beauty boxes. One video I found useful, was a video by quite a well known guru on youtube, gemsmaquillage. She did a video back in early December called ‘Battle of The Beauty Boxes’, she gives a brief description of the contents of the boxes and who should be getting it (as in what kind of box you are looking for). After much deliberating I had decided to go for not one but TWO beauty boxes, why? because I really couldn’t decide which one to get.

I decided on Boudoir Prive (who has now joined with french beauty box Jolie Box) and Glossybox. I was more leaning towards Boudoir Prive but some part of me was interested in Glossybox too. After viewing both sites numerous times, I found that Glossybox was doing a three month Gift subscription (I think it was just because it was Christmas), so I decided to gift it to myself!!! ^___^ That way I can get a three month trial (without having to unsubscribe) and if I really do like the Glossyboxes maybe I’ll actually do the monthly subscription. I’ll talk more about Boudoir Prive when I get my first box, but I don’t expect until February as when I subscribed it was too late for the January one. So when I first bought the three month subscription for Glossybox, I actually didn’t expect it until February as I did miss the January cut off date for that box…. but then end of December a box came… and it was the December box, I’m not complaining but I didn’t expect December’s box, at least January’s box.

Well here it is:

The beauty box comes in a cardboard box and if I am honest I really thought that it was this kind of box…. but then I opened it:

There was another box in it!!!! A nice sturdy red box!!

When you open the red box, there are two cards, one explains what Glossybox is all about and the other tells you about the products inside the box, I quite like the idea of the card that tells you about the products, gives you a little idea about the products.

Underneath the cards, the products are wrapped in tissue papaer and tied up with a ribbon, pretty nice right?

These are the products I got in my very first Glossybox:

  • Blink+Go Hi-Definition Mascara (Full Size)
  • Cargo Classic Lip Gloss
  • Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle Nail Varnish and Nail Varnish wipe off pads
  • Rituals Shower Gel (Full Size)
  • Jurlique Purely Age Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream

First impressions, not a bad box. Like that I got the mascara instead of the eye-shadow palette, I was also intrigued by the Rituals Shower Gel and the Jurlique cream. The lip gloss and nail varnish not to my taste, as I don’t usual use lip gloss and the nail varnish just isn’t my colour!!!

I will hopefully do some mini reviews of the products, so I can earn some Glossy Dots!! What are Glossy Dot? Well they are basically like points you can earn and once you get 1000 Glossy Dots you get ONE FREE beauty box!! So how can you earn Glossy Dots, well there are two methods: 1) Invite a friend to Glossy Box (200 glossy dots) and 2) Write reviews of the products sent to you (20 glossy dots).



Mini Review: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector (BB Cream)

So BB creams have officially made its move into the UK, to be exact on the shelves of Superdrugs (one of the UK’s leading drug stores). Popped into my local Superdrugs, just to look around (as I usually do) and I happened to spot on display Garnier’s new product ‘Miracle Skin Perfector’, Garnier’s answer to BB Cream.

So does it live up to the Asian sensation (I know that was cheesy right)??? Before I give me conclusion lets have a look at some swatches first.

This is the Light shade, the BB cream in true fashion only came in two shades, Light and Medium. Initial thoughts on it were that it didn’t seem too heavy, it was quite light weight which is a good thing. I’m of Chinese ethnic and even I think the Light is a little too dark for me. In the picture it doesn’t look dark but the actual cream is darker, it has more of a yellow base, and you’re thinking why am I complaining (you know being Chinese). Yes my skin is more of a yellow tone than a pink tone but BB Creams oxidizes to fit your own skin colour, which means it will get darker, hence why I would always pick a shade lighter than a shade that truly matches my skin tone. That is only for BB Creams of a yellow base.

The Cream is quite smooth, the above is just the general rubbing of the cream with no blending.

Blended out, as you can see it does blend in quite well and quite easily, there is a slight sheen to it too and some people may like that. Unfortunately I’m too keen on the sheenyness of it, I have combination skin so my t-zone gets oily and that just isn’t good for it!

So after reading my initial thoughts, you’ll think I have a good impression of it right? I’d probably buy it right?? Well if that was the kind of answer you were looking for then I’m sorry as its actually not my answer.

I’m afraid I won’t be adding this Garnier product to my collection of BB Creams, why? Well its simple, I don’t like the shades it offers, its too dark for me and it has a really strong perfume like fragrance to it. Yes I have a few BB Creams that smell sooo too but this was just too much for me. Yes the cream was smooth and blend-able but there was a certain thick feeling to it that I didn’t like… a bit too much like thick cream maybe??

Will BB Creams really take off in the West?? I’m not sure, foundation and tinted moisturisers are too much of a big hit, plus if future brands release BB Creams with similar shades, won’t it be too dark for (should I say it?) Caucasians? If I found Garniers Light too dark then what will it look like on Caucasians?? Like tinted moisturisers thats what, or even worse a alternative tanning cream…. It just too dark! Did they create these shades with the tanned skinned in mind?? Well BB Creams are not for that purpose.

The main factor that made me tip over the fence to the ‘no buy’ side is the price £9.99 ARE YOU KIDDDING ME!!!! I DON’T THINK SO!!!

Oh on a note, this mini review is based on my 5minuets in Superdrugs!!! MUWAHAHAHA Yes I am quick to judge, but I have good instincts when it comes to cosmetics and skin care, I tend to know what I like and what I won’t!