Dose of J-Drama

I’m pretty much a whatever-Drama junkie, I watch EVERYTHING!!!! Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean you name it, I watch it!! [ok so not everything but pretty much most series that come from those I’ve named].

Though out of the foreign ones [I’m chinese] its Japanese dramas I watch most of, well thats because you get a lot of subbers and its pretty easy to get hold of [as long as that one site does not die!!! LOL].

Recently I’ve finished watching quite a few…. Atashinchi no Danshi, Osen, Godhand Teru, Kami no Shizuku, Love Shuffle, Triangle, and Voice just to name a few.

So this is pretty much what my opinions of the dramas are.

Lets start with Atashinchi no Danshi, starring Horikita Maki [known for starring in ‘Hanazakari no Kimitachi e’].

“These days, the term “homeless” has taken on new meaning. There are youths referred to as “net cafe refugees,” who have neither a job nor a place to live, but who find themselves hopping around internet cafes. One such refugee is a 20-year-old girl named Chisato, who lost her mother at a young age due to sickness. She spent her youth trying to escape from the huge debt her father left her, and her battle with the repossessors unfolded every night. However, her life changed after meeting one man named Shinzo, changing her views on the meaning of “family.” Shinzo comes from a rich family tracing back to the Edo period, and he adopted six good-looking sons with the hope of one becoming his successor, but all of them have strange personalities. Shinzo promises to free Chisato from her debt if she marries him and becomes the mother of his sons. However, a life with these six guys under one roof will not go smoothly.”

Credit: DramaWiki

Read the storyline and it seemed like a fun series to watch, I was never really that big of a fan of hers for some reason, though I think it was due to Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, I’ve read the manga and loved it, so kind of had a ‘no live action can ever be as good as the manga’ attitude towards it. Turns out I was right, as the live action was too OTT for my liking.

Any how lets get back to Atashinchi no Danshi, well it turned out that I quite liked the series!!! After I watched the first episode I had to watch the next and so on. It really was just a enjoyable series to watch and those are the series I loveeeeee watching! Though when I found out the real connection between two people I was like ‘ok now thats really messed up even for the japanese!!!’ and this is suppose to be a family show!!!! Not many nice guys in it though >….< ok you might disagree but for me only the third son played by Mukai Osamu was ‘nice’. Though I do take notice of dramas Kaname Jun [eldest son] and Yamamoto Yusuke [fourth son] are in, they been in dramas I’ve like, so thats probably the reason why [its either that or I unknowningly fancy them hahahaha]

Love Shuffle is another drama I liked!!

“Usami Kei is a salaryman who has risen in status due to his engagement with Mei, the wealthy daughter of his company’s president. Shortly after she breaks off the engagement, a power failure leaves him stuck in the elevator of his apartment building. Trapped with him are three others living on the same floor – Airu, a trilingual interpreter, Ojiro, a model photographer, and Masato, a psychiatrist. While waiting, their conversation hits upon their love lives and the question of whether there is truly only one fated partner for everyone. As a result, they decide to try “shuffling” their relationships with each other”

When I think about it, there really isn’t a particular reason why I liked the drama so much I just do!!!! SO WATCH IT!! ^____^ I only noticed this drama because Matsuda Shota was in it!! He is the actor in Hana Yori Dango as Nishikado Sojiro and how can I not like any one of plays an F4!!! [ok there is one I DO NOT LIKE and thats the person who played Akira in the Korean version!!!]

This was another enjoyable interesting series, also noticed an actor who was pretty cute ^__^ ‘DAIGO’ who played Oishi Yukichi in the drama.

Ok thats its for now as I have to check on my cooking LOL