Utada Was AWESOME!!!!!

I’m now on my way home from the Utada Hikaru gig in London. Did I enjoy it? Yes I did, Was it worth it? Of course it was!!! How often do you get a foreign artist playing in London? Not very often, even jrock groups (who are very very popular in the west) do not come to london!!
I thought her playlist could have been a lot better, she should have played more japanese songs!!! Her english stuff just doesn’t compare to her japanese stuff. Do I think she should give up on the western market? No, of course not! I suppose its one thing I like about her, she doesn’t give up. She also doesn’t have to get number 1s to be ‘successful’.


Utada Hikaru London Gig SOLD OUT!!!!! O_____o

Upon hearing that Utada Hikaru will have a London date among her tour dates, I was pretty much excited as well as surprised!! The tour is predominately in America and then you have the random gig in London!!! Of course the first thing I said was “I’m THERE” [as in I’ll be there], I wasn’t going to miss it!! I love Utada [yes I abuse the word love quite a bit don’t I?] I’ve been a fan of hers for a long long time, back from when ‘First Love’ came out from the Drama [it was an OST], yes I was still pretty young then and didn’t understand a single word in the song but I liked the melody.

It will be weird seeing a hugely popular asian artist speak in perfect english [yes I know she was born in america], as you kind of expect artist big in asia to speak in broken english LOL

Though she’ll be playing her english stuff I really do hope she adds a few japanese classics in to the tracklist for the gig!

Feburary 12th 2012…. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Oh I forgot to say the gig SOLD OUT!!!! I’m actually really really surprised!!! The gig wasn’t really promoted and it was really only online blogs and communities that knew of the London gig!!! WOOOOOO Well I have my ticket!!




Ok nothing new but I just haven’t had the time to blog about it…. As most of you will know already that in Kpop ‘Big Bang (빅뱅)‘ are pretty much the only group that can bring out a little fan girl in me ^_____^ Yes I have a huge Noona soft spot for the boys ^____^ Though that doesn’t mean to say I’m biased when giving an opinion on  their music (ok maybe a little).

They’ve finally released a single in Japan in japanese!!! Wooooo [Candle doesn’t count as it was just a bonus track]. Its not an unfamiliar song as its just a Japanese version of ‘Heaven’ [track 3 on the 3rd mini album Stand Up in Korea] entitled ‘My Heaven’

credit: xxcinnyxx @ youtube

Couldn’t find the MV for some reason….. must be because all the copyright stuff going on.

Love the song!! Loved the korean version and I think it sounds better in Japanese though a lot of people would disagree. If BB’s Japanese was better if would be even better!! But I love it!! ^____^

credit:  xxcinnyxx @ youtube

Second song from the ‘My Heaven’ single entitled ‘Emotion’

It reminds me a lot of Lady GAGA‘s ‘Poker Face‘ but before you agree and figure point this song is produced by ‘RedOne‘  [RedOne production discography <– click].

Rumor has it that a english version will be released by the boys for an Europe & USA debut later this year. My view on it: hm….. Not too sure about it to be honest, just take a look at Se7en, YG didn’t do a good enough job with him though I think he had the most potential to break the western market out of the others (BoA, Utada, Wonder Girls and Rain). I think the only upper hand Big Bang has is that the song is very in trend at the moment, the world is going crazy about that style of music. Either way I will support them and will buy it!!!

[Note: I’ll blog about Wonder Girls in another blog]

Lastly Big Bang’s next Japanese single ‘Gara Gara GO!!’ (ガラガラ Go!!)’ Released 8th July 2009

credit: YGEntertainment – Sub-credit: BigBangiVIP @ Youtube

Its the MV for it WOOOOOO Not sure how long it’ll work as copyright laws seem to be working a whole lot faster these days!!! The song I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE as well!!! ^____^ It sounds like a sound they would release in Korea as well but with a bit more of an edge to it. BB are ever moving forward with their music and thats why I love them!! ^____^ FAN GIRLS SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


This is Taeyang and TOP’s song entitled ‘Friend’. An OST for the new MBC Drama ‘Friend, Our Legend’ starring Hyun Bin, Kim Min Joon and Suh Do Young.

Love this song as well!! Like I’ve mentioned aboved [BB are ever moving forward with their music] this song is so different from Lies, Sunset Glow, Gara Gara Go!! , Haru Haru, With U and etc But if you think about it all their songs are so different, they’ll never really just stick to one thing and that what I like about them!! They can pull it off as well!!