The Sun is Out

The weather has been great the last few days, the sun is out and its not just for show, it is also slightly warm. A far cry from the freezing temperatures I remember so clear a month or two ago.
The weather would be perfect if it was 2 or 3 degrees warmer, with this light breeze! I’m not a big fan of really warm or hot temperatures (yes I’m the picky type where I dislike really hot or cold weather, there really is no pleasing me), my body just can’t handle it!

When the weather is like this its my favorite time  of the year, why? Its simple, its relaxing! I’m the type of person who likes alone time (regardless if I’m in a committed relationship or not, which at the moment I am not). I like it when i can simply go out with music in my ear, camera on my shoulder and just view the world through my eyes without having to think about the person accompanying me. It becomes less free if there is someone with you, its nice having some company but it all depends in what you do. When I talk about alone time I really do mean alone time.

I’ve got some time off work at the moment so maybe I’ll do The Faberge Big Egg Hunt.


Well I should end this post now….. I just felt like rambling…



Bad Habit

Lately that feeling has come back…. There was once someone in my life, a friend and at times I have also considered this person to be much more than a friend.
This is a friend I treasure, a friend I do not wish to lose, a friend I know who will always care and want the best for me and I hold the same for him.
Maybe it is because of this strong friendship that has made him become my bad habit.

When did this feeling first start…. Probably about 3 or 4 years ago now, we have drifted apart at times but we always come back to each other and that distance, seemed it never existed. This feeling I have, I’m sure its only one sided.

Another friend mentioned something to me last night and it got me thinking (hence this post)…..

Today I’ve started to think more about what my other friend said, maybe this feeling isn’t innocent and sincere any more, maybe I’m the one becoming the bad habit, maybe I subconsciously want to see how far I can go or push the waters, can I make him fall for me.

This thought scares me as why would I want to do that. It could potentially ruin things. I do not think I actually like this friend in that way anymore, and my other friend seems to agree.

So then why?? Maybe its just that human instinct that wants to have what it cannot.

He’s happy now and I am for him too, but there seems to be something dark about our friendship, maybe we’re both just as bad as each other.

But even knowing this I still continue as before, not want to change anything.

(This post doesn’t make much sense, an leaves a lot of holes and gaps, but this is more of a ‘me’ post).

The Awesomeness of Adele

Back in January 2011 (I think it was) Adele  had announced a string of UK tours for September 2011 and I had to get tickets for it!! I JUST HAD TO!!! Luckily for me my sister is just as big of a fan as I am, so the task of buying tickets was left to her as I happened to be working on the day tickets for were on sale >___<

WOOO HOOO She was successful!!!

So 19th September finally came around and the date had not been cancelled!! Adele had cancelled quite a few tour dates due to ill health. But she was getting better and well enough for this one!!

I was working on the day of the gig, so I had to meet my sister there right after work, when I got there (roughly 4.15pm)my sister was in queue already and you guessed it there were already people queuing, I think there were roughly 10-12 people in front of us.

Doors opened at 6.30pm and they started to let people in…. My sister and I head to the circle show our tickets…. only to be told they were seated tickets!!! LOL Really should have checked before hand, we just assumed they were standing tickets! I was a little annoyed at first, the tickets being seated ones that is, as I just love standing tickets being there in front of you favourite artist, with all the other fans!! But to be honest the seats were in a good position and I suppose Adele is an artist you can just sit back and relax to, so in the end it worked out quite well!!

As usual it takes some time for Adele to come on, first there’ll be supporting acts before the act we’re all waiting for!! Adele not only one but two supporting acts!! The Civil Wars (a male/female duo group) and Amos Lee (soloist). I actually thoroughly enjoyed both supporting acts, I’ve heard of Amos Lee before but The Civil Wars were completely new to me and I actually quite liked them. They were like folk/country and I quite liked it, the male half of the duo had a lovely voice, I liked the female vocals but it got a little irritating towards the end.

Now time for Adele (and I won’t go into much detail of the whole gig), she was just absolutely amazing!!! Her voice WOW, her personality WOW I just love her even more now!!!

It was like I was listening to her CD, no it was better than the CD, her voice that is!! Amazing!!! Just pure talent!

Performing the great song that is Someone Like You and yes thats me singing out of tune!!

Ai Wei Wei

Back in July (or was it June?) I went to see the Ai Wei Wei exhibition at the Lisson Gallery. Part of the Free Ai Wei Wei movement (at the time of the exhibition and the revealing of his Circle of Animals/Zodiac Ai Wei Wei had disappeared, he was placed under house arrest for months)  a collection of simple black and white posters with quotes from Ai Wei Wei were being given out by the Lisson Gallery.

Here are a few photos of a few of the pieces from the exhibition

Changed the camera settings for this picture and I quite liked this lighting.

-Moon Chest

-Coloured Vases 


Shopping: Mini Hauls!!!!

Just a quick post to show you guys some of my shopping hauls, I’ve bought cine the start of the year. I used to show them via my photo project but since I’m given up on it decided to do them as ‘Shopping’. Which will be made up of loads of random stuff that I have bought, whether it be beauty products, clothing, accessories, food and just everything. Whatever it maybe I’ll stick it under the header ‘Shopping’ but of course I’ll catergorise it under the relevant category.

To be honest though a lot of the times I just forget to take pictures!!! I’ll also try and do mini reviews as I go along (and remember), for example stuff from today’s haul may be reviewed in a post in the next few days or weeks (I’m the lazy type!!)

Today’s haul will be of beauty products!! WOOOOHOOOO I’m a skin care addict, and I suppose you can say that I’ve turned into bit of a cosmetics addict too.

L to R: Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus BR666, Canmake Melty Nude 04 Peach Beige, 
Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheek Peach Macaron

Some items I asked my friend in Hong Kong to get for me!!!!

L to R: Skinfood's Aloe Sun BB Cream and Red Bean BB Cream both in shade 1, Tony Moly's Tony Tint
in Red Apple and Cherry Pink

Bought these some time ago now, so unlike in the picture where its still in its packaging, they’ve all been opened and used!!

My MASSIVE Naruko haul!!! 15 products!!!! Too many to list, but I’ll definitely review these…. when I finally use them!! These will be replacing some of the products in my skin care routine as I finish them up (which isn’t long to go)

St.Reatham Halts to a Stand Still…

Its the early afternoon and I’ve decided to take a scroll down the High Street. I know I keep banging on about St.Reathams and compared to other areas of London it got away with very minimal damage, but this is my community, its too close for comfort and I to keep an eye on it.

As I was walking by many businesses were close or they were about to close, shutters were down or they were half way down as they prepared to close. Members of the public roaming the streets bewildered by the numerous stores that are closed, but what do you expect? They need to prepare for the worse as it is unpredictable as to what will happen.

Here are a few pictures I have taken:

One of the stores that where attacked last night, fortunately I don’t think much was looted as police acted quite quickly and the store apparently also had a smoke cloak installed so as soon as it thr alarm went off, it reacted. Today the store was boarding up the smashed windows as well other all the other windows.

Two other stores and business that the owners have barricaded in preparation for the worse.

A Cash for Jewellery place emptied their windows in fear for smash and grabs. I have another picture of the Cash for Gold place with all their windows and displays emptied in fear of attacks as well but unfortunately because of the shutters the picture was very reflective so you couldn’t see it properly.

Five Police Vans zoom pass down the high street, only for another four to zoom pass a few minuets later.

I received a text from a friend earlier saying that he read somewhere that about 300 youths from Thorton Heath are apparently heading towards St.Rethams….. May just be rumors or just trash talk but its all unpredictable at the moment.