Day Ninety Six: Just Another Day…

Its Wednesday… Just another day. Wednesday is probably the only day out of the week I don’t particularly like very much….. Its the middle day and there is actually not very much to do on Wednesdays. Just a very random picture.


Day Ninety Seven: A Cheap Armour Ring

Bought a new armour ring today!!! Was at work and happened to pop down on to the shop floor to get something and saw this ring thought it was quite nice! Plus it was cheap, well both in price and quality (the silver plating will wear off after a few wears and you’ll get the copper coming through, which I think is quite nice… But it does leave dark marks on your finger from the silver).

Day One Hundred and Five: Hambaaguu pt.2

Made a massive batch of hambaagus (japanese hamburgers) today!!! Why a massive batch you may think…. I can’t cook small portions!! I’ve been taught to cook in big portions even if you can’t even eat it all you can save it!!! HAHAHAHA

No I decided to make a massive batch to put in the freezer so I can dig out and cook whenever I like!!

I’ll probably post a how to some time later as well, as I did take some step by step pictures (and as always there will be the odd step here and there where I forgot to take the picture!)