Original? I Don't Think So

Pick up today’s Evening Standard and there was an article in there about these new ‘sleeping’ pods some dude has come up with after years of working ‘in the City’.

A rented by the hour pod to take a nap in, just to rest up and recharge.

Throughout the article it sounds like the former city work had came up with an original idea until you get to the last paragraph, where it says its inspired by the Japanese Capsule Hotels’. Those hotels have been around in Japan for years, so why has it taken so long to reach our oh so tired city workers? Maybe its because now they want to make out at how hard they work.

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Pari-Shanghai: A Fantasy

I’ve just watched the CHANEL [mini] Movie by Karl Lagerfeld and this is to pretty much slag it off LOL.

First off why does Coco Chanel [yes I know it’s not the real one] speak in a perfect british accent? I sure Coco Chanel couldn’t [yes I know she could speak english].

It’s like it’s about Coco Chanel’s trip to China [Shanghai], and first she visits a house. Why are there two westerners playing chinese? I’m not trying to be politically correct but there are asian models [the two westerners are models] who can actually play the part. If you look their make-up its done to give you the stereotypical asian look [slit eyes, the eyebrows]. Whats worse was that they [well the female] spoke english in a british accent….. yea WTF and then they spoke in mandarin…… CRAZY!

More crazy stuff happens like she meets the emperor and etc

Coco Chanel has never been to China, and at the end you realise that it was all a dream. So its like they are trying to show you what China will be like [fashion wise] if Coco Chanel had visited.

I’m sorry but did they not do their homework before making this film? China is not a country that a lone woman can influence, even if it’s just about fashion. Yes she made a big impact in the western world, but this is China you’re talking about and especially in the early stages of the Communist taking over.

What a stupid film.