Shinee, Do They Really Shine?

In my eyes no they do not, not by the quality of their songs at least. I think the only song I ever liked from Shinee was ‘Reply’ aka Noona You’re so Pretty. After that all other songs sounded just like each other.

Then came ‘Ring Ding Dong’, Oh my Dayz!!!! [I’m going to expect some hate with this comment] But in my opinion the song is TRASH!!! I have never heard anything so crap before, especially from an Idol group!!! Yet they still win the Number 1 spot on some music shows….. Its like a pop version of a song Shaggy rejected!!! [Shaggy as in the Reggae singer/rapper]

What has the korean music industry become???? Are SM Ent so confident in Shinee that they can release trash and still make it a hit??? Of course the must be, it happened didn’t it!!!

Are SM now considering pushing Shinee up to the top now that DBSK are soon to split [its a rumor]?? Well if they are I don’t think they can carry on like this, giving Shinee crap songs to sing, it is a waste with a vocal like Kim Jong Hyun [he is the only one in Shinee I think can actually sing, I don’t like the rest].

Ok, no stupid comments please.



Function Maths? => f(x)

No I’m not going to post a mathematical blog but f(x) is the name of a new girl group by SM.

Its a five member group consisting of members: Victoria, Amber, Krystal, Luna and Sulli, one member is Chinese [Victoria] and one member is the younger sister of Jessica from SNSD [Krystal].

With the influxof girl groups debuting this year, SM thought they’ll add another. Well I suppose its not fair to throw in SNSD, since they’ve been around since 2007 and its really not fair to the new girl groups hahaha [what I’m trying to say is that SNSD are trying to fight with the newbies as they have no one else to fight with].

f(x)seems more womanly sexy than the cute pedo sexy that SNSDis, then again knowing SM their concept can change just like that. This group reminds me of SM’s other girl group, the one banished to Japan, 天上智喜 CSJH and for some reason reminds me of Sugar [another kpop girlgroup] as well.

hm…. Can SM handle two girl groups at he same time without favoring one of the other? I’m not so sure about. You can argue about Shinee and DBSK but thats because DBSK was over in Japan a LOT and looks what happened now, DBSK will no longer exist!!

I still think 2NE1 are going to sweep the end of year awards for the newbies