星光下的童話 Because Of You

I’ve been watching a lot of Taiwanese (idol) dramas at the moment, as you know I’ve mentions Autumn’s Concerto. I really enjoyed watching the first half of that drama, made me cry buckets!!! Then it kind of went downhill.

I’m going to start off with 星光下的童話 Because Of You also known as Fairytale Under the Starlight. It is CTS’ (a television channel) entrant for the sunday 10pm slot, the battle between Idol dramas.

Unfortunately 星光下的童話 isn’t doing too well in the battle with ratings averaging 0.57 for the first 6 episodes aired so far. I’m actually quite surprised as it’s not a bad watch, maybe it’s because there aren’t many ‘idols’ or well-known ones in the drama. Well the only one of the leads I know is 陳楚河 Baron Chen, ok I kind of know 賴雅妍 Megan Lai as well but that’s kind of it.

The plot it self so far doesn’t seem so bad, maybe because it’s still quite slow? I mean in these six episodes all that has kind of happened is that  a big superstar/idol stole the girlfriend (upcoming singer) of a stunt double (Baron Chen, and that stunt double has somewhat gotten popular because he had punched that idol. That big idol star (played by 李國毅 Leon Li) has a childhood friend (Megan Lai) (who is a few years older than him), who is also his die-hard fan and you can tell she likes him. But she gets involved with the stunt double.

You can tell where the drama is going to head off right? Baron becomes a rising celebrity and him and Megan become friends and they start to like each other, but Lego believes that she belongs to him. The girlfriend or ex-girlfriend (田中千繪 Tanaka Chie) comes to get Baron back.

I suppose its a bit typical but so far I do like it, I prefer 就想賴著妳 Down With Love over it but I prefer this to 偷心大聖 P.S. 男 P.S Man. Well that might change as so far I don’t like how the director has edited P.S. Man, its quite poorly done.

Oh one thing I really like about 星光下的童話 Because Of You is the OSTs!!! I’m really enjoying 李國毅 Leon Li’s 因為你. Its the ending song.



Ok news but I’m going to rant about Taiwan’s GTV channel making Parfait Tic into a Live Action!!!

I’m not surprised that they are doing it…. its quite a popular shojo and since they’ve doing most of the really popular mangas they need more don’t they? (I guess they just don’t have many good script writers).

What I’m really angry about is the cast!!! Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen!!! Seriously WTF!!! For one they can’t act! Calvin is butt ugly too! Aaron Yan is yes a little cutie pie but not for the role he is to play!!!

ARRRGGGGGG I can’t believe they are going to trash one of my favourite shojo mangas!!!

I won’t say I won’t be watching it when it comes airs, of course I will!!! I can foresee myself complaining a lot about it though!!! ARRRGGGGG


Yes I am back from my holiday, been back for a week now!!! No details of it will be in this post as I’m writing it up in another post [though I’m undecided if I’m going to publish it to the public or not].

I was away for almost three weeks but it feels so much longer!!! I have been catching up on all my TVB dramas, 富貴門 (Born Rich) and 宮心計 (Beyond the Realm of Conscience) are the new ones and I do have to say I’M EXCITED!!! 羅嘉良 (Gallen Lo) back in a TVB drama O.M.G. He is one of my favorite actors!! Also 宮心計 is like another ‘Bitch Feast’, back stabbing, friends at war, gossiping, evil plotting…. you name it, it’ll be there!! LOVE IT! Though 佘詩曼 (Charmaine Sheh) playing the ‘good person’….. BORING!!!! Would love her to play a more evil role! I don’t think she has really played an evil role has she?? A friend of mine said, well shes good at the good roles so just stick to it…… but I say shes an actress wouldn’t she want to expand her horizons??

I caught up with all my Kpop news pretty quickly, too be honest there really isn’t much new, and if I’m honest I’m finding myself starting to despise the Kpop music industry a little, its just so bleh and I also find myself criticising more and more [which I normally keep those comments to myself], but hey freedom of expression, and those who disagree and are mean to what I say you should know you don’t bring me down, and the whole ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t write anything at all’….. well I say then don’t read what I have to say, because I have to read you praising these artists like they are gods gift.

OH OH OH 楊丞琳 [Rainie Yang ]’s new drama has aired!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I adore the girl, I love her!!! She can do no wrong in my eyes [yes I know not everyone loves her but you can trash her all you want, I still love her and I won’t actually be mean to you because you see differently, only if you say something stupid and unintelligent].

The new drama is called 海派甜心 [Hi My Sweetheart] also stars 羅志祥 [Show/Alan Lo] as the male lead, I’m not too much of a fan of Show’s but I can tell I will start to like him a little more because of this drama, its the power of Rainie!! hehehehehe I’m like a little fan girl!


Almost Had An Heart Attack!!

I swear the first time I ever heard about this news was TODAY!!!! I read it and couldn’t stop coughing and it led to me almost having a heart attack!!!

I had read this:



I LOVEEEEEEE the manga one of my favorites!! Then it gets turnt into a live-action but whats worse is that they pick such crap and not goot looking people to be in it!!! Ok so I don’t really know who the girl is so i’m not going to comment on her.

Calvin and Aaron from Fahrenheit [taiwan idol group] as the male LEADS!! You have got to be kidding me!!!!! Thats what made me going into a coughing fit and almost have an heart attack!!!

Calvin is no way near enough cool or good looking [I know I know thats quite a shallow comment] to play ‘Daiya’.

Aaron ok he somewhat looks he could play ‘Ichi’ but he isn’t cool enough either!!  He hasn’t got that cold edge to play Ichi.

Also both are incredibly crap actors!!! They’re not good at singing but worse at acting!!!

ARRRRGGGGGG I SO HATE IT!!!! I know it was be a crap drama!!! Don’t say that crap about you shouldn’t judge before you’ve watched it!!! TRUST ME I’m good at these things!!! When it comes out and you think its good its only because you were a fan of Fahrenheit and you’re deluded by fangirl-ism LOL

You could say the same about me disliking them before hand but I’m quite unbiased [well I like to think that I am].