Skins Series 5: What Have They Done!!!

So I’ve just watched the first episode of Skins Series 5 and what can I say???? Well to be honest nothing good!

First five to ten minutes, two words crossed my mind instantly Mean Girls and it seriously resembled it a lot! I love Mean Girls it was one of those classic movies LOL (I know it sounds weird but it was an awesome movie!) that shouldn’t be remade as it will never live up to the original.

But here we have E4’s hit show some what doing the Queen B storyline with added extras. It sounds very typical: Adopted girl (homosexual fathers) who has an issue with finding her own personality (both mentally and sexually), she is the odd ball out of the pack, queen b takes her in only to embarrass her when she feels her superiority  is being threatened by the odd ball.

So yes are the Brits now trying to follow an typical American storyline because they have run out of ideas? Well this is the fifth series and to be perfectly honest the second generation (third and forth series) of skins were pretty SHIT, I mean they could have done a lot more with Effy’s character but they just made her in to a whore. But this post isn’t about that.

Well the end of the episode was the odd ball found some friends and managed to nab one from queen b!

Still nothing will live up to the first generation, the Tony Stonem (the protagonist of the series) of the series.


Skins Will Always Belong To The Brits

So I’ve just watched the pilot episode of the US version of British Digital Channel E4’s hit show Skins.

First impressions are not good, it seems like they have tried to make it British…. The street where Tony (Tony is still Tony but the surnames are different in the US version) lives on, Tony’s room. Also Eura (shes the US’s Effy)’s first scene it looked too put together, trying to be like Effy, it just didn’t look and feel right. Maybe its because the scenery is not your typical American location but then again its not always big grand flashy houses but there is something about the US Skins location that seems like its trying too hard. Is it because the series was done with MTV? Hmmm….. I can’t quite pin point what it is. Oh the story line also seems to be following the original version, so what was the need to find new writers to the US version?

Oh a big thing… I don’t like that the US version doesn’t have a Maxxie no matter what they say Tea is not a good replacement for Maxxie, to me and probably quite a lot of the lovers of the original series loved Maxxie and his storylines, oh and what are they going to do with the Maxxie and Anwar storyline?