After School vs T-ara Pt.1: After School

I suppose they aren’t really going against each other as After School has already started to perform, then again I’m expect T-ara to start performing this week.

After School and T-ara’s come back MVs were released not too long ago and then it was followed by a single [from After School] and an album [from T-ara].

After School’s title single is a song called “너 때문에 Because Of You” and at first listen I loved it. Having already released singles like ‘Ah’ and ‘Diva’ [produced by the Brave Brothers] I was expecting something else along those lines. ‘Ah’ and ‘Diva’ were never really (in my eyes) good songs, they were catchy songs but they still lacked something. They were just songs to get them noticed, with half of the group in their late 20s/early 30s and half in their early 20s I suppose it was kind of hard to find something for the group to do.

With ‘Ah’ they tried the sexy route, and with ‘Diva’ they did the more cutesy look [I reckon Diva was only there because of the introduction of UEE, shes pretty young, I know beckha is young but she does carry with her that young vibe, she doesn’t ‘use’ like UEE does]. ‘Because of You’ to me is a song that finds that balance, you can’t go wrong with a RnB ballad.

With the introduction of two new members, Nana and Raina [So-Young left the group], I was eager to see how well they could sing [In my eyes only Jung Ah could sing really well, Ga-hee isn’t bad but she is better at rapping]. Nana she looks and sounds like your typical squeaky japanese girl. Raina on the other hand, can sing and she is pretty good from what I have heard so far. She helps Jung Ah lighten the burden [Jung Ah has pretty much had to do all the singing bits or support when it’s not ‘her’ part], but in ‘Because of You’ it’s like Raina got all the singing bits now LOL.

‘Because of You’ is another track done by The Brave Brothers [I’m starting to think if he/they are working for Pledis now] and I’m really surprised you don’t get many songs like this for them, it’s very good. Its a catchy song but not catchy in a cheesy pop way, catchy in a good way. Lets hope they get the success this song deserves.

credit: AfterSchoolCraze

The MV would have been pretty good if they didn’t add in the little homosexual love. That just made the MV a little weird. They should have just stuck to the simple male/female relationship gone bad.