Yes I am back from my holiday, been back for a week now!!! No details of it will be in this post as I’m writing it up in another post [though I’m undecided if I’m going to publish it to the public or not].

I was away for almost three weeks but it feels so much longer!!! I have been catching up on all my TVB dramas, 富貴門 (Born Rich) and 宮心計 (Beyond the Realm of Conscience) are the new ones and I do have to say I’M EXCITED!!! 羅嘉良 (Gallen Lo) back in a TVB drama O.M.G. He is one of my favorite actors!! Also 宮心計 is like another ‘Bitch Feast’, back stabbing, friends at war, gossiping, evil plotting…. you name it, it’ll be there!! LOVE IT! Though 佘詩曼 (Charmaine Sheh) playing the ‘good person’….. BORING!!!! Would love her to play a more evil role! I don’t think she has really played an evil role has she?? A friend of mine said, well shes good at the good roles so just stick to it…… but I say shes an actress wouldn’t she want to expand her horizons??

I caught up with all my Kpop news pretty quickly, too be honest there really isn’t much new, and if I’m honest I’m finding myself starting to despise the Kpop music industry a little, its just so bleh and I also find myself criticising more and more [which I normally keep those comments to myself], but hey freedom of expression, and those who disagree and are mean to what I say you should know you don’t bring me down, and the whole ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t write anything at all’….. well I say then don’t read what I have to say, because I have to read you praising these artists like they are gods gift.

OH OH OH 楊丞琳 [Rainie Yang ]’s new drama has aired!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I adore the girl, I love her!!! She can do no wrong in my eyes [yes I know not everyone loves her but you can trash her all you want, I still love her and I won’t actually be mean to you because you see differently, only if you say something stupid and unintelligent].

The new drama is called 海派甜心 [Hi My Sweetheart] also stars 羅志祥 [Show/Alan Lo] as the male lead, I’m not too much of a fan of Show’s but I can tell I will start to like him a little more because of this drama, its the power of Rainie!! hehehehehe I’m like a little fan girl!