After School vs T-ara Pt.1: After School

I suppose they aren’t really going against each other as After School has already started to perform, then again I’m expect T-ara to start performing this week.

After School and T-ara’s come back MVs were released not too long ago and then it was followed by a single [from After School] and an album [from T-ara].

After School’s title single is a song called “너 때문에 Because Of You” and at first listen I loved it. Having already released singles like ‘Ah’ and ‘Diva’ [produced by the Brave Brothers] I was expecting something else along those lines. ‘Ah’ and ‘Diva’ were never really (in my eyes) good songs, they were catchy songs but they still lacked something. They were just songs to get them noticed, with half of the group in their late 20s/early 30s and half in their early 20s I suppose it was kind of hard to find something for the group to do.

With ‘Ah’ they tried the sexy route, and with ‘Diva’ they did the more cutesy look [I reckon Diva was only there because of the introduction of UEE, shes pretty young, I know beckha is young but she does carry with her that young vibe, she doesn’t ‘use’ like UEE does]. ‘Because of You’ to me is a song that finds that balance, you can’t go wrong with a RnB ballad.

With the introduction of two new members, Nana and Raina [So-Young left the group], I was eager to see how well they could sing [In my eyes only Jung Ah could sing really well, Ga-hee isn’t bad but she is better at rapping]. Nana she looks and sounds like your typical squeaky japanese girl. Raina on the other hand, can sing and she is pretty good from what I have heard so far. She helps Jung Ah lighten the burden [Jung Ah has pretty much had to do all the singing bits or support when it’s not ‘her’ part], but in ‘Because of You’ it’s like Raina got all the singing bits now LOL.

‘Because of You’ is another track done by The Brave Brothers [I’m starting to think if he/they are working for Pledis now] and I’m really surprised you don’t get many songs like this for them, it’s very good. Its a catchy song but not catchy in a cheesy pop way, catchy in a good way. Lets hope they get the success this song deserves.

credit: AfterSchoolCraze

The MV would have been pretty good if they didn’t add in the little homosexual love. That just made the MV a little weird. They should have just stuck to the simple male/female relationship gone bad.



Yes I am back from my holiday, been back for a week now!!! No details of it will be in this post as I’m writing it up in another post [though I’m undecided if I’m going to publish it to the public or not].

I was away for almost three weeks but it feels so much longer!!! I have been catching up on all my TVB dramas, 富貴門 (Born Rich) and 宮心計 (Beyond the Realm of Conscience) are the new ones and I do have to say I’M EXCITED!!! 羅嘉良 (Gallen Lo) back in a TVB drama O.M.G. He is one of my favorite actors!! Also 宮心計 is like another ‘Bitch Feast’, back stabbing, friends at war, gossiping, evil plotting…. you name it, it’ll be there!! LOVE IT! Though 佘詩曼 (Charmaine Sheh) playing the ‘good person’….. BORING!!!! Would love her to play a more evil role! I don’t think she has really played an evil role has she?? A friend of mine said, well shes good at the good roles so just stick to it…… but I say shes an actress wouldn’t she want to expand her horizons??

I caught up with all my Kpop news pretty quickly, too be honest there really isn’t much new, and if I’m honest I’m finding myself starting to despise the Kpop music industry a little, its just so bleh and I also find myself criticising more and more [which I normally keep those comments to myself], but hey freedom of expression, and those who disagree and are mean to what I say you should know you don’t bring me down, and the whole ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t write anything at all’….. well I say then don’t read what I have to say, because I have to read you praising these artists like they are gods gift.

OH OH OH 楊丞琳 [Rainie Yang ]’s new drama has aired!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I adore the girl, I love her!!! She can do no wrong in my eyes [yes I know not everyone loves her but you can trash her all you want, I still love her and I won’t actually be mean to you because you see differently, only if you say something stupid and unintelligent].

The new drama is called 海派甜心 [Hi My Sweetheart] also stars 羅志祥 [Show/Alan Lo] as the male lead, I’m not too much of a fan of Show’s but I can tell I will start to like him a little more because of this drama, its the power of Rainie!! hehehehehe I’m like a little fan girl!


Preaching Too Much….. Epik High?

I used to like Epik High’s music a lot but Tablo… I can’t stand him!! He just preaches all the time!! About how people are not valuing music any more, and how you just need to be popular to win awards and it’s not about the quality of the music…. arrrgggg I’ve had enough!

Their latest album wasn’t too good to be honest…. everything is starting to sound the same. Nothing new.

Also I’ve recently read the translated lyrics for the title song ‘Wannabe’ and am I being too sensitive or does it sound like it is aimed at a recently idol who has recently released a solo but is surrounded by controversy [get my drift?]


The One Where… At Least Someone Speaks Out Some Humane Words

BaekGa of Koyote has expressed his opinions on the recent Jay Park frenzy.

“The people who almost drove me insane with the pervert accusations about two months ago have done it again. They have sacrificed a co worker, and a good friend. You kill with your fingers where no one can see you, and they have made sad, unnecessary sacrifices, but you say it doesn’t even affect you in the heart. All I can say is that I am truly scared.”

BaekGa had been accused of being a pervert after an accused picture surfaced on the internet. But in the end, it turned out to be a picture of someone that looks like him.

He continued, “People make mistakes. He was a young kid going through a tough time and yet they made it seem like he still had bad thoughts in his mind…The entertainment business to the naked eye can be joyful and satisfying, but the mental and the physical pain we have to go through before we get to that point is indescribable. I wish you guys can stop…If he made the same mistakes twice, then he is to blame, but if you give him enough time to elaborate on his actions, he will become a better person. Finally, I know you all might think that I am writing with no credibility, but this is solely my opinion and I stand by it. But before you curse or judge me, look into yourself and see how clean of a person you are first.”

These are some strong words by BaekGa. This further develops the celebrity support for Jay Park. BaekGa really viewed this as a humane issue, not just an entertainment business issue.


GOOD ON YOU BAEKGA!!! At least someone has a brain!! Or at least someone has the courage to speak out what others are thinking other than just comforting words!!



Function Maths? => f(x)

No I’m not going to post a mathematical blog but f(x) is the name of a new girl group by SM.

Its a five member group consisting of members: Victoria, Amber, Krystal, Luna and Sulli, one member is Chinese [Victoria] and one member is the younger sister of Jessica from SNSD [Krystal].

With the influxof girl groups debuting this year, SM thought they’ll add another. Well I suppose its not fair to throw in SNSD, since they’ve been around since 2007 and its really not fair to the new girl groups hahaha [what I’m trying to say is that SNSD are trying to fight with the newbies as they have no one else to fight with].

f(x)seems more womanly sexy than the cute pedo sexy that SNSDis, then again knowing SM their concept can change just like that. This group reminds me of SM’s other girl group, the one banished to Japan, 天上智喜 CSJH and for some reason reminds me of Sugar [another kpop girlgroup] as well.

hm…. Can SM handle two girl groups at he same time without favoring one of the other? I’m not so sure about. You can argue about Shinee and DBSK but thats because DBSK was over in Japan a LOT and looks what happened now, DBSK will no longer exist!!

I still think 2NE1 are going to sweep the end of year awards for the newbies



Ok nothing new but I just haven’t had the time to blog about it…. As most of you will know already that in Kpop ‘Big Bang (빅뱅)‘ are pretty much the only group that can bring out a little fan girl in me ^_____^ Yes I have a huge Noona soft spot for the boys ^____^ Though that doesn’t mean to say I’m biased when giving an opinion on  their music (ok maybe a little).

They’ve finally released a single in Japan in japanese!!! Wooooo [Candle doesn’t count as it was just a bonus track]. Its not an unfamiliar song as its just a Japanese version of ‘Heaven’ [track 3 on the 3rd mini album Stand Up in Korea] entitled ‘My Heaven’

credit: xxcinnyxx @ youtube

Couldn’t find the MV for some reason….. must be because all the copyright stuff going on.

Love the song!! Loved the korean version and I think it sounds better in Japanese though a lot of people would disagree. If BB’s Japanese was better if would be even better!! But I love it!! ^____^

credit:  xxcinnyxx @ youtube

Second song from the ‘My Heaven’ single entitled ‘Emotion’

It reminds me a lot of Lady GAGA‘s ‘Poker Face‘ but before you agree and figure point this song is produced by ‘RedOne‘  [RedOne production discography <– click].

Rumor has it that a english version will be released by the boys for an Europe & USA debut later this year. My view on it: hm….. Not too sure about it to be honest, just take a look at Se7en, YG didn’t do a good enough job with him though I think he had the most potential to break the western market out of the others (BoA, Utada, Wonder Girls and Rain). I think the only upper hand Big Bang has is that the song is very in trend at the moment, the world is going crazy about that style of music. Either way I will support them and will buy it!!!

[Note: I’ll blog about Wonder Girls in another blog]

Lastly Big Bang’s next Japanese single ‘Gara Gara GO!!’ (ガラガラ Go!!)’ Released 8th July 2009

credit: YGEntertainment – Sub-credit: BigBangiVIP @ Youtube

Its the MV for it WOOOOOO Not sure how long it’ll work as copyright laws seem to be working a whole lot faster these days!!! The song I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE as well!!! ^____^ It sounds like a sound they would release in Korea as well but with a bit more of an edge to it. BB are ever moving forward with their music and thats why I love them!! ^____^ FAN GIRLS SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


This is Taeyang and TOP’s song entitled ‘Friend’. An OST for the new MBC Drama ‘Friend, Our Legend’ starring Hyun Bin, Kim Min Joon and Suh Do Young.

Love this song as well!! Like I’ve mentioned aboved [BB are ever moving forward with their music] this song is so different from Lies, Sunset Glow, Gara Gara Go!! , Haru Haru, With U and etc But if you think about it all their songs are so different, they’ll never really just stick to one thing and that what I like about them!! They can pull it off as well!!