How To: Tofu Cheesecake

I love my homemade baked New York cheesecake but after one slice I know its too rich for me, its so delicious but just so full on in taste. Its like I can feel my heart muscles tighten…. oh but I do love it!! So I’ve always thought about making a cheesecake that was still yummy but I didn’t feel like I was going to die (from happiness XD) from eating it.

I started doing some research (which basically means asking google) and what I found was to substitute  some of the cheese for Tofu!! Sounds a little weird right?? The yummy savory tofu in a CHEESECAKE!! Well I thought I’ll give it a try anyway, as its a no-bake cheesecake.

Here is the recipe I have decided to use out of the many that are on the internet:


For the base you will need:

150g Digestive biscuits, crushed
50g of unsalted butter

For the filling you will need:

150g Silken Tofu (the ones in the carton boxes)
250g Cream Cheese (I used marscapone for that creamy smooth taste)
30g Butter
1 Tbsp Sugar (adjust to taste, if you like things sweet then add more)
The innards of 1 vanilla pod
½ c Crème Fraiche
2 Tbsp Gelatin Powder
6 Tbsp warm water
How To:
First make your base! The digestive base is just standard, its simple. Mix your crushed digestives with the butter and press into your cake tin. Making sure it covers the base of the cake tin and its not too thin.
NOTE: I have no idea the size of the cake tin I used… I never say you must use this size…. if there is left over mixture make mini ones LOL If there isn’t enough… well you should be able to guess whether your tin is big enough or not from looking at how much mixture you have.
So what you want to do first in put the Cream Cheese, Butter and Tofu in a mixing bowl (microwave friendly).

Now mix away!!! If you are finding it a little difficult because some of the ingredients are too hard then stick it in the microwave for about 10 seconds at a time (as to not melt the butter).


As you can see from the two pictures above, as you start to mix, the mixture will look a little like vomit (I know its not a nice word to use but… thats what I thought) and then it will start to smooth out. I just used a hand mixer (before I couldn’t find the electric one!)

Once mixed in to a smooth and creamy texture, add your vanilla pod seeds and mix in.

Now take your gelatin powder and put it in the warm water… you now need to mix FAST!!! You want the gelatin to dissolve completely in the warm water, if the water has cooled down, stick it in the microwave to a few seconds and mix again REALLY FAST!! Otherwise the gelatin will just turn in to a jelly like texture!! So once dissolved, pour into the cheesecake mixture and mix.

Now pour your mixture into the baking tin. Tap the tin to smooth out and stick it in the fridge for about 4hours (ever wondered why a lot of the times when sometime has to be put in the fridge its always overnight or just 4hours).

4hours later its ready to be served!!


This was a lovely lovely cheesecake which I served with some homemade peach compote (shame I didn’t take any pictures of that).

Its perfect for those who do not like the heavy rich taste of a classic cheesecake as this one is lighter in that sense but still has all that creamy smooth cheesy rich taste without the heaviness that makes you feel guilty afterwards.

GlossyBox: February

Its now my third GlossyBox and my final one as well (remember in my first GlossyBox post I wrote about signing up for a three month subscription), after this box I will tally it up compare and decide weather or not I will sign up for a proper subscription.

So here it is:

The box is a nice pale pink colour…. reminds me of the colour of the September box.

My information card.

The contents!

Products I got this month:

  • DUWOP – Venom Gloss: Combining subtle tinted lip gloss with DuWop’s Lip Venom to create Venom Gloss
  • DR BRONNER – Lavender Hand Sanitiser: A lavender scented hand sanitiser in a handy spray size perfect to keep in your handbag.
  • PAUL MITCHELLSuper Skinny Relaxing Balm: Intense hydrating treatment for your hair
  • BM BEAUTY – Pure Mineral Eyeshadow: Award winning pure mineral eyeshadow. Cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • COMO SHAMBHALA – Invigorate Shower Gel: A revitalising blend of essential oils that puts you in a perfectly uplifted mood.
Ok so remember what I said in my last month’s GlossyBox?? How I wasn’t’ that impressed with that month’s box… well this months one I was still a little disappointed. Out of the five products I’ll probably only use two of them (the Paul Mitchell Relaxing Balm and the Dr.Bronner hand sanitiser), if the mineral eyeshadow was a different colour then yes I would have loved it.
I’ve tried the Como shower gel before and I didn’t really like it, it smells like medicine as well….
So after my third GlossyBox will I be subscribing?? I’m still not sure yet as I’ve started a Boudoir Prive (who has joined with French beauty box JolieBox and is now known by that name)  subscription so I’ll be using that to compare…. For all I know I may not even get an on-going subscription in the end.

The Sun is Out

The weather has been great the last few days, the sun is out and its not just for show, it is also slightly warm. A far cry from the freezing temperatures I remember so clear a month or two ago.
The weather would be perfect if it was 2 or 3 degrees warmer, with this light breeze! I’m not a big fan of really warm or hot temperatures (yes I’m the picky type where I dislike really hot or cold weather, there really is no pleasing me), my body just can’t handle it!

When the weather is like this its my favorite time  of the year, why? Its simple, its relaxing! I’m the type of person who likes alone time (regardless if I’m in a committed relationship or not, which at the moment I am not). I like it when i can simply go out with music in my ear, camera on my shoulder and just view the world through my eyes without having to think about the person accompanying me. It becomes less free if there is someone with you, its nice having some company but it all depends in what you do. When I talk about alone time I really do mean alone time.

I’ve got some time off work at the moment so maybe I’ll do The Faberge Big Egg Hunt.


Well I should end this post now….. I just felt like rambling…


Gmarket Haul: Etude House

So recently I decided to do a Gmarket haul, only because its the cheapest place for me to gorge on Etude House products!

Here is the box, its a little (ok quite) battered!

As you can see my package did get stopped at customs…. ARRGGGG I’m not so fussed about the VAT charge its the bloody parcel force charge thats a BITCH!! They charge that MUCH just because they pay for you first!!

Upon opening it….. All my goodies!!!!

It looks a lot but I can assure you once I start unpacking them… its not so much… not a lot at all…

My Etude House haul:

See how there really isn’t much at all!!!!

It was like my freebies were just as much!!! How can you tell something was a freebie on Gmarket if you can’t read Korean? Well if everything matches up with your order and you have extra stuff!!! LOL On Gmarket sometimes there is an option to choose your freebie… but of course I can’t read Korean so I’m just guessing. With Etude House a lot of the times they give you freebies but some of their products also advertises with a Gift.

My freebies:

Quite a bit right???? That mini travel set Etude House gave me was the set I debated getting instead of the one I actually so WOOOHOOO for that!!


GlossyBox: The Valentine’s Box

A few days before I got my January (second) GlossyBox, I had a sudden thought about what colour the box would be as this is THE box, the box everyone is looking forward to… the Valentine’s Box. So of course it would be a pink box but what kind of pink?? My first thought…. HOT PINK? Why? No reason just thought soft and baby pinks were just too BLEH.

So when I finally got the box… TADA it was HOT PINK

Box after the outer package, open the lid and I get:

How pretty!! As with my first box from them, there was an info card with information on the products I got in the box.

Isn’t that just so pretty and romantic???

The products inside the box!!

So what exactly did I get:

  • Eyeko – Skinny Eyeline: Get a handle on your eyeliner for precise definition and intense colour with a long-lasting finish.
  • Orly – Nail Lacquer: Orly, the top Californian brand. offers an infinite range of colours.
  • WeledaOne step Cleanser & Toner: Weleda One-Step Cleanser and Toner is handy two-in-one pack ideal for travel.
  • FAB – Gentle Body Wash: A moisturizing, irritant-free everyday cleanser ideal for even the most sensitive skin.
  • MURAD: Hybrids skin Perfecting Primer: Oil-free primer ignites a radiant glow, powered by light-enhancing minerals. 

So first impressions of this well looked forward to Valentine’s box…. I was a little disappointed to be honest. I expected more as in more beauty products, not a cleanser or a body wash… 😦
Well hopefully after using the products after a few times my mind will change.